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What are the LLC Articles of Organization

What are the LLC Articles of Organization

Also called Registration of Articles of Organization, Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Organization
The articles state the name, company address, and registered agent among other information.  Filing the articles of organization is the first step.  You all need an LLC operating agreement, an EIN and a business license.

Though the articles of organization are short, and simple documents, these are legal documents and care must be given in preparation.

Here is what it contains:

  1. LLC's name, 
  2. Its address, 
  3. Names of all of the owners -- called members. 
An LLC be formed in the state in which it does business but it can also be formed elsewhere as well. At this point, we prepare and file "articles of organization". Here are some variations of "Articles of Organization" used in some states:
1. "certificate of formation" in Delaware, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Washington.
2. "certificate of organization." in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
3. All others use the term: "articles of organization"


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