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Do I Need a License for Home or Online Business

Do I Need a License for Home or Online Business

Yes, home and online businesses need a business license. 

Thus, also, all activity for profit requires a business license registration. 

Note that in addition, using a trade name requires a DBA registration, and selling wholesale or retail or buying wholesale, requires a seller's permit. 

The location does not matter. What matters is that the IRS and state governments have decided ANY activity for profit is a business regardless of the location that the business is carried on.  

As such, it is subject to all taxes and  licenses as any other business. 

Even though the government will not issue licenses for illegal activity, the income that comes from the activity is taxable.   So it is a similar idea as that any money your receive from anyone or from anywhere is income reqardless of the source. 

So, for example, even if the activity is illegal, such  as selling drugs, you still need to pay income tax on the profit of your activity.  

Likewise, reqardless of the place that you conduct business from, you still need all licenses and any profit from the business is taxable. 


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