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Do I Need Another Filing Before Getting a Sellers

Do I Need Another Filing Before Getting a Sellers

In most states, you don't any other filing before obtaining a seller's permit.
There are exceptions:

1. For example, VA, and a few other states require that you have a federal id before obtaining a seller's permit.   Our fee for getting a federal ID is only $29.  We recommend that you obtain one.  You will need it to open a bank account and the majority of businesses need one anyway.

2. If you are planning to incorporate or form an LLC, the LLC will be the entity that the seller's will be filed under. Thus, you will need to form an LLC before getting a seller's permit.  If you hire us to obtain the LLC, and the seller's permit, purchase both at the same time.  Note that LLC's need a federal ID as well.

You will ultimately need a business license as well. 
In most states, you don't need a business license before obtaining other filings. It may be necessary I Utah, or in some states, like in Florida, you need a DBA filing before obtaining a business license. On the other hand, if you form a corporate entity such as an LLC, you don't need to file a DBA.


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